After some analysis, here are a few main reasons why this project failed to pick up steam

I was only convinced it was a good product because I made it.

While it is pretty useful I don't see myself using it once a week let alone every day. Maybe I would if I got more emails but I really see myself dropping it now. A BIG red flag should have been that I only developed it to learn Django... I wasn't even sure I wanted to use it until it was done and in reality I was just cloning another project I need to better separate between a learning project and something I should actually peruse.

The team wasn't that into it

I tried to practice creating a team which worked out okay but neither were actually that interested in the product. This has nothing to do with their abilities, but I need to think really hard next time I am adding members if I am adding out of desperation and fear or out of necessity. I need to really decide if they like the product and are passionate about it. I was, they weren't and this meant we did not have shared goals and were destined to fall off.

They had no reason to see the product be successful, they didn't really want to.

I needed help with marketing, neither team members were good at that

Again, not bashing the team members. I just didn't find the right people and should have been able to say no when I realized they wouldn't be able to do what I needed. I really needed someone who could sell a product, and be creative and motivated in that.

I didn't like the idea of a marketing battle that much

I don't think this was the project for me. I didn't want to spend my time trying to market against an exact clone... I wanted to develop a product that people really loved. This made it really hard for me to motivate myself to work on this. I should have made this connection sooner but I just thought I wasn't motivated because I didn't want to do the marketing.

In reality I just didn't even care to develop the product if that's all it meant.